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A drink meaning luxury and love

The anecdot about Cleopatra


Several historical sources (Pline, Saturnales, ...) report that Cleopatra, who possessed two pearls of a remarkable beauty, following a bet, dissolved one of them, worth five million sesterces, in the wine in order to seduce Mark Antony, his host.

As the beautiful Egyptian was prepared to treat the second pearl in the same way, Lucius Plancus stopped her and declared Mark Antony defeated: the bet was that the queen was unable to consume for ten million sesterces over the course of one meal.

The saved pearl was later to adorn the statue of Venus in the Pantheon, Roma. From the same queen, it is still reported that she had a tomb entirely lined with pearls built.

This anecdote from Cleopatra gave us the idea of inventing a new way to enhance wine and we wanted to pay tribute to her.