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Cuvée Cleopâtre, easy to buy and delicious to drink!


Our production is artisanal and relatively modest for this first year.

You can get bottles, either directly on our website, or from members of the association (€ 22 including tax):
  • Chasseurs de brocante (8 bis rue antoine Lavoisier - 81000 Albi)
  • Domaine de la Ginestade (81140 Sainte-Cécile-du-Cayrou)
  • La safranette (http://www.lasafranette.com/)

In addition, whether you are an individual or a professional, if you wish to get bottles of the Cuvée Cléopâtre from the vintage 2020, it is better to already book them through the contact section.

Grape variety: Len de l'El

Age of the vineyard: 30 years

Soil: Clay-gravel terraces of the Tarn

Yield: 30hl / ha

Vinification: Grapes harvested at optimal maturity. Vinification at low temperature to preserve freshness and aromatic potential. Early bottling to conserve gas and aromas.

Analysis: Alcoholic strength 12% Vol.

Tips for tasting: Serve fresh (8-10 ° C). Ideal for aperitif, dessert, but can also accompany salads, sushi or oysters and shellfish.
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For more than 6 bottles or a
delivery outside mainland France,
please contact us